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Yizcab Services

Yizcab is your all-in-one instant transport and service super app. We offer necessary everyday services across the world.


Book a ride for every occasion and every budget. Choose from a variety of transportation modes, from premium to Luxury cars to minivans. The choice is YOURS !


Food delivery for all your cravings! Order from your favorite restaurant and have meals delivered to your doorstep. The best restaurants in the city come to YOU !


Reliable parcel delivery on demand! Affordable, fast and reliable courier service with guarantee for your items. Don't commute just to pick a PACKAGE we got YOU !


Wide range and convenient grocery delivery! Wide variety of handpicked groceries and fresh products delivered from store to door within the hour or at a scheduled time.


Rent your next home or hotel from our mobile app. Housing services (short or long term rental). We do the HOUSE hunting for YOU ! Trust our expert and all is good!


Order cleaning services, a plumber, electrician and more for your home or workplace to have a professional partner at your place at the scheduled time.